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Targeted Industries
The Veterans Florida Business Training Grant Program, is designed to increase the competitiveness of Florida businesses in the global economy by providing a trained, skilled workforce from the pool of Florida’s military veteran population. The business benefits of hiring military veterans are well documented, and the economic impact of the veteran workforce continues to rise.

The Veterans Florida Business Training Grant program provides grant funding for customized, skills-based curriculum development and training, through partial reimbursement, to businesses in Florida’s targeted, high-growth and high-wage industries (qualified targeted industries). These are high-skill industries producing goods or services and wages generally 125 percent above state or local wages.

The Veterans Florida Business Training Grant application process is designed as a collaborative effort between the business requesting training, Veterans Florida, and high-skilled training providers.

The program is a state-funded grant program that provides funding to qualifying businesses to train their new, full-time employees. Funding is provided in the form of a performance-based reimbursable grant, for a 12-month maximum term per new employee. A business pays for pre-approved, direct training-related costs and is reimbursed by Veterans Florida upon submission of required documentation.

A business may apply for and receive funds concurrently with the Quick Response Training Program administered by CareerSource Florida. Note: A business does not need to be new, expanding, or creating net new jobs to apply for and receive funds from the Veterans Florida Business Training Grant Program. Such situations are requirements under the Quick Response Training Program.

The total amount of funding available for the Veterans Florida Business Training Grant program in 2016-2017 is $1 million. Applications for certifications and for funding are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis until available funding has been awarded. Funding is provided on a per veteran employee hired and trained basis, with a maximum of $8000 per employee trained. A notification will be posted on veteransflorida.org when funds are no longer available.

Businesses Applying For Certification and Funding:
• Must be “for profit” (or a not for profit in certain fields) and providing permanent, full-time (35+ hours per week) jobs for Florida military veterans workers requiring customized high-level skills training.
• Hire and train Florida military veterans workers for permanent, full-time (35+ hours per week) jobs requiring customized high-level skills training.
• Must produce a good or service.
• Adequately demonstrate the need for training / education and impact on economy.
• Require non-degree, specialized skills based training of 12 months or less.
• Shall provide sufficient documentation for identification of all participants deemed pertinent to Veterans Florida.

Certification and Funding Priority Given To Businesses:
• Provide full-time, permanent, high-quality jobs in targeted industries or in the defense supply, cloud virtualization, or commercial aviation manufacturing industries. (90 days cert, final days funding)
• Whose applications have the greatest potential for economic impact.
• On a first-come, first serve basis.

Ineligible Businesses:
• Not-for-profit agencies or organizations (excluding certain industries determined on a case-by-case basis).
• Retail establishments.
• Entities whose administrations are comprised only of volunteers.
• Workforce Development Boards and their administrative entities.
• Labor unions.
• Federal, state, county, or city governmental entities.

Definition of Military Veteran Employee:
• Eligible to legally work in the United States as verified by E-Verify.
• Florida resident working at a physical location in Florida.
• Verifiable military service with a DD-214 or current or former member of the Florida National Guard with a letter from their commander.

The Florida Veterans Employment and Training Services (FL VETS) Business Training Grant Program helps your business meet your workforce demands in a competitive environment by facilitating access to training and education in high-demand fields for veterans through matching training grants of up to $8000 per veteran employee trained.

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Veterans Florida will contact those interested in applying for the grant via phone or email. Veterans Florida or a Fiscal Agent, a state educational entity, will assist businesses apply for, meet the reporting requirements of, and obtain grant reimbursements from the program.