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    Veterans, Build a Future in the Construction Industry

    Get civilian credentials for the construction and maintenance skills you gained in the military and start working in the construction industry   Did you know that you can receive professional construction industry credentials for training you received during your military … Continue reading

    Veteran Agriculture Selection Program (V.A.S.P.)

    The Veteran Agriculture Selection Program (V.A.S.P.) at the University of Florida is now accepting and reviewing applications. Apply and transition into a viable and rewarding career in agriculture.   The University Of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Gulf Coast … Continue reading

    5 Top Reasons Veterans Move to Florida

    Veterans make the Sunshine State their home because of its unparalleled career, education and lifestyle opportunities. Here, veterans tell us in their own words why they chose to move, study and work here.   Ask a veteran who has transitioned … Continue reading

    Veterans Filmmaking Academy Launches in Florida

    A new program from the Sarasota Film Festival gives veterans vital storytelling tools and provides opportunities for personal growth   The Sarasota Film Festival, which takes place every April in Sarasota, Florida was recently included in MovieMaker Magazine‘s list of … Continue reading

    A Woman Veteran’s Florida Nonprofit Transforms Lives With Yoga

    This Florida vet’s organization is helping people who have lost their way or are on shaky ground find their footing   Kathryn Thomas, a 32-year-old former Navy helicopter pilot and the mother of a 5-month-old daughter, breathes deeply as she … Continue reading

    Veterans, Get the Help You Need to Start or Boost a Florida Business

    The Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program gives veterans who have an idea for a business or who already run their own enterprise the knowledge and guidance they need to achieve success.   Veterans Florida, in partnership with six institutions of higher … Continue reading

    The Veterans Florida Career Services Program

    Veterans Florida has launched a new career site geared to connecting transitioning veterans with Florida jobs and helping them plan and manage their separation from the military   When evaluating and deciding where to move after completing their military service, … Continue reading

    Veteran Entrepreneurship: From Green Beret to Business Owner

    The Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program helped this veteran turn his business ideas into reality and eased his transition into civilian life.   Scott Neil, 48, a former Green Beret and advisor to Special Forces, had been warned repeatedly about the … Continue reading

    Your Resume is Your Mission Plan

    The purpose of your professional resume is not to regurgitate everything you’ve ever done in your professional career onto paper. It is not a list of daily activities under job title headings. Your resume builds towards and highlights your professional … Continue reading

    How to Interview for a Job in the Civilian Sector

    Interviews are a critical step in the job search process. Here’s what transitioning military members and veterans need to know to succeed.   Service members are used to taking on difficult missions and employing a methodical, step-by-step approach to overcoming … Continue reading