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When it comes to jobs, Florida ranks #2 for “best state for business” and numerous businesses in high-growth fields such as aerospace, manufacturing, logistics, research and development, and technology are seeking to hire veterans and provide them with the training they need to build a long and fruitful career. In addition, the state offers expedited licensure to veterans in several fields. Florida has thousands of open jobs. Veterans Florida’s career team will help you connect with employers eager to hire veterans and positions perfectly suited to your background. Register for Veterans Florida Career Services and check out current career listings.
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Florida Works for Veterans

Watch this video about the many benefits that Florida offers veterans who make the state their home.

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Get the information you need to determine what career to pursue, how to train for it, where to land a job and how to start a business.

Real Veterans. Real Success.

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The Basics of Preparing for and Nailing Your Next Job Interview.

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Real Veterans. Real Success.

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