Veterans Florida has launched a new career site geared to connecting transitioning veterans with Florida jobs and helping them plan and manage their separation from the military

When evaluating and deciding where to move after completing their military service, transitioning veterans place a high emphasis on employment opportunity. Securing a well-paying job and receiving skills training typically lie at the top of transitioning veterans’ list of concerns.

Given Florida’s many strengths, the state should be on every transitioning veteran’s radar. It is considered the most veteran-friendly state in the nation and among the reasons for the high ranking is the state’s strong business climate (it’s rated #2 for “best state for business”), the large number of job openings in fields aligned with skills that veterans acquire and hone through their military service, and resident employers’ high level of interest in hiring and training veterans.

According to Enterprise Florida, the principal economic development organization for Florida, the state ranks first in the nation for its aviation and aerospace manufacturing workforce (2,000 aerospace and aviation companies innovate and manufacture in the state); second for space and defense systems manufacturing, aerospace and products and parts manufacturing, and manufacturing and logistics infrastructure; third for high-tech establishments and pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing businesses; and fifth for highest number of logistics and distribution jobs. The state’s high-tech economy includes more than 750,000 defense-related jobs.

Florida employers also feel that veterans are uniquely qualified for their open positions and appreciate the special skills and attributes they bring to the table.

A One-Stop Spot for Florida Jobs for Veterans

Veterans Florida recently brought its keen grasp of the employment needs of transitioning veterans to bear on the needs of Florida businesses by spearheading a powerful new resource that can help veterans learn about and access Florida-based jobs and help companies discover well-qualified veteran job candidates targeted to their available positions. The career portal showcases and updates Florida jobs across various industries and locations.

 “When veterans told us they were looking for one place to go to find out everything about the state, this was one of the key pieces they cited for meeting that need. We saw a gap that needed to be filled to help veterans reach their employment goals and we filled it.” –Bobby Carbonell, Executive Director of Veterans Florida

Unique Attributes of the Job Site for Transitioning Veterans

Bobby Carbonell, Executive Director of Veterans Florida, emphasizes that this is a job site like no other. “It’s just for Florida jobs,” he says. “There is really no other statewide job portal specifically for veterans. The state has an entry portal for their job board that allows veterans to use their military skills to search for jobs, but it’s not designed for people living out of state to find jobs in Florida. And it’s also not as easy to use as the system we’ve created.”

“We’ll also have the ability to use the site to work with the veterans one-on-one—to help them with their resume and employment goals.”

Benefits of the Veterans Florida Career Portal for Veterans and Employers

Carbonell adds: “When you upload your resume and your profile to our career portal, it can be seen by thousands of employers across Florida. You’re helping us build a veterans-only employment resource for employers who have told us they are looking to hire veterans and need one place to go. We’re making it easier for employers to find qualified veterans and then that makes it more likely that the veterans will be able to find employment.”

The portal benefits Florida businesses by giving them access to top talent through job posting. “Employers are always looking for additional tools to help recruit employees,” says Carbonell. “They frequently tell us they’re looking to hire more veterans but don’t have a resource for finding veterans. So that’s why we created the portal. It gives employers a free tool to post all their jobs. They can look through all the resumes for every veteran that’s registered on the portal.”

How to Make the Most of the New Portal

Veterans are advised to sign up and create an account. “When you visit, you can look at the job postings,” says Carbonell. “But registering will allow you to apply for a job or upload a resume. You’ll also have the ability to work one-on-one with us—we’ll give you helpful tips on job searches, look at your resume and get it out there to employers.”

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