Statewide Initiative Offers Entrepreneurship Education to Veterans

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program, a program that offers qualified veterans the opportunity to receive an entrepreneurship education, has selected six network partners to administer an entrepreneur initiative throughout Florida, from their request for proposal.

Veterans Florida’s Network Partners being the Fiscal Year of 2018-19 are: The University of West Florida, Tallahassee Community College, the University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Action Zone.

The Network Partners will implement Veteran Florida’s Entrepreneurship Program through their different locations. The program consists of a self-paced online module, periodic on-premise workshops, and a cohort-based class for a small group of veteran entrepreneurs. Mentorship will be incorporated into this program as it has proved to be the key to success in past VFEP cohort-based classes. Network Partners will also hold monthly networking and resource sharing meetings, building a community and pipeline for veterans interested in entrepreneurship.

“Veterans Florida is excited to announce these new partnerships for our fourth year of entrepreneurship programming for our veterans.  Over the past few years we’ve served over 1,000 veterans who are interested in starting their own business and over 200 veterans have started businesses that have collectively hired over 100 employees and generated nearly $10,000,000 in revenue.” says Veterans Florida Executive Director, Bobby Carbonell.  “And we can’t wait to see what businesses the next group of great veteran entrepreneurs will create in our state.”