Forever Home: Why So Many Veteran Families are Flocking to Florida

Transferring out of the military can be a worrisome experience. After spending time in service with your family, it’s a daunting task to finally decide where to plant roots and what amenities you’re looking for in a potential state. A transferring military family requires career stability, overall welfare, satisfaction of the entire family, and quality of life. The good news is that the state of Florida offers all of those factors and more. Florida is a veteran -friendly state that not only aims to serve the service member, but easily meets the needs of spouses and children as well. Florida ranks as the #1 state for military retirees.

In a recent poll, Service members determined that they chose their forever home location based on three factors: The needs/wants of their Spouse and Children, Post Military Employment Opportunities, and proximity to family members. Along with great employment opportunities and excellent livability, Florida provides an opportunity to bring families closer together. Not only do some military families choose Florida to settle, but some also bring down parents to retire and spend time bonding with the grandkids.

What makes Florida so great for veteran families?


One of the biggest stressors for transitioning military families is job security and availability. Florida is home to some of the world’s largest companies who are looking to hire veterans and assist them in career transition. With resources like expedited licensing, Veterans Florida Career Services, and veteran preference for federal/DOD jobs Florida makes a great place to transition from the military and into the career force.

For many military spouses, a military transition will mark the first time that he or she can form a long standing and substantial career. Florida cares and offers a ton of resources with military spouses to settle and flourish in their new normal. As of 2018, Florida ranked among the top 5 states to practice entrepreneurship according to Forbes. Many spouses look to building businesses while in the military to combat military spouse unemployment. This means moving to Florida could have excellent tax benefits and an easy transition. The state also supports the transition of licensing. Due to a 2018 bill, Military spouses are seeing easier licensing transfers into Florida in professions like: healthcare, education, dentistry and real estate to name a few.

Over 1.5 Million Veterans and Military families have decided to call Florida their forever home. This is for a good reason. Not only does the state provide a scenic and enjoyable living experience with year-round amazing weather, but there is no shortage of activities for the entire family to enjoy regardless of region. For example, veterans receive a 25% discount on admission at Florida’s award-winning state parks.

Florida also offers some pretty amazing homeowner benefits like additional Homestead Tax Exemptions for veterans. As a state resident, you are exempt from paying taxes on personal income including military pensions, which is important for a retiring military family.

Speaking of retirement, many of Florida’s 20 military installations have commissaries and PX/BX for retirees. Not only that, but Florida has 7 VA hospitals and dozens of clinics supporting its large veteran population.

Another thing that makes Florida so great is its prime location for travel. The state of Florida is home to 15+ International Airports which hold major aircraft carriers, 5 Cruise Ports and a strikingly close distance to the Caribbean Islands. These incentives along with discounted fares/rates are what make the state of Florida look attractive to the adventurous Military family.

The State of Florida welcomes your Military family to paradise. For more information about the Career, Living and Education benefits of Florida; visit