Military Families Share Why They Can’t Wait to Call Florida Home

Every military family knows that one of the hardest decisions you will make in the military revolves around getting out and settling down. After spending years moving at the military’s mercy, now is the time that you will finally decide what area is best to plant roots, begin a new career, finish raising your family, or enjoy retirement life.

According to WalletHub, as of 2019, Florida ranks number 2 in the Best States for Military Retirees. A step further, Florida ranks high on the top 10 for categories like quality of life and economic environment. Between education, no state income tax, entrepreneurship and career support, it’s no wonder why veterans are taking to Florida as their forever home.

Veterans Florida Spoke to a few Veterans and Military Spouses about why they’ve chosen or will choose Florida to settle down in. Here are their answers:

Florida is my home state. I am hoping to head back there one day post military. Some of my favorite things about FL are of course the outdoors. There is always something to do at no cost or low cost, beaches, trails, parks, outdoor adventures. The community is warm and welcoming, full of culture and diversity, and is military friendly. Florida has excellent schools public, private and charter. There is no state tax in Florida. I also love that my family still resides there. We will be ready to reunite and make up for lost time.
-Maria Reed (AFI Army Spouse of the Year 2019) 

Florida is the most welcoming to military. It’s a retirement sanctuary. They have so many programs to make the transition process easier. It’s a great financial move too. Our nest egg goes further in Florida because there’s no state income tax and no tax on military pensions.
-Deonte Cole (US Marine Corp, Retired) 

If you have visited the Panhandle you know its beauty is breathtaking. So, what makes my home different? Destin, and the surrounding area, is a laidback community with a wonderful mix of military, locals, and visitors. There is always a Festival or event to attend. Growing up there I was spoiled by the patriotism of living between several bases and having a large population of retired military. From heroes like Col Bud Day, to my Grandfathers, the community celebrates our military like no other community we have been a part of. If considering Florida for a place to call “home” I say do it! 
– Julie Cooley (2019 AFI Military Spouse of the Year Barksdale AFB)

I love Florida for multiple reasons.  For starters, it’s easy access to travel via sky, land and sea. The state gives me a less expensive way to travel there, connect with family members, and enjoy my retirement. Florida has access to the ocean from the East, West, and South. I love the fact that I can enjoy the different waters from the aqua waters on the Gulf Coast, the Captivating Caribbean Sea, and the enticing Atlantic Ocean. I have not even began to mention its impressive retirement benefits. Florida is a popular state for people to retire due to its warm weather. It is often voted in the top 3 of the best states for veterans to retire for good reason. My husband and I are both veterans, I’ve already retired and he will eventually retire in Florida. Not to Bragg, but it’s always awesome to say “I live where you vacation.”
– Maxine Reyes (US Army, Retired)

Calling Florida home is a dream come true for many military families. Here at Veterans Florida, we are dedicated to delivering information and resources to assist you in making informed decisions about your family’s transition process. We also showcase all the things that make Florida top notch for military families in retirement. For more information, check out more articles on and the “Why Florida” section of