Passion Over Profits: From the Battlefield to the Super Bowl

It’s easy for companies to talk about giving back to its clients and employees, but Tampa-based RatPack Worldwide Security and Consultant embodies their “passion-over-profits” motto. Founders JayR McIntyre and Remi Rivera use their combat experience with the U.S. Army and Special Operations to provide private security services ranging from executive protection to event security.

During a private security deployment to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, JayR and Remi saw the industry sacrifice both quality and agent safety in the name of profits. They started RatPack in 2018 knowing they could provide top-of-the-line security services while hiring transitioning veterans.

A resourceful veteran, JayR has taken advantage of resources like the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program where he learned to think like a CEO, apply his leadership skills to business, and leverage his professional network.

That commitment is paying off. Today, RatPack has 15 employees and 75 contractors working across the country, and is committed to its agents as much as its clients. RatPack pays 50% above the industry average and helps ensure its veterans receive VA care and other benefits.

Though RatPack is private, they haven’t forgotten their roots in service. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, RatPack’s team has been donating security services to hospitals and donating blood to fight shortages in Georgia.

And big things are on the horizon for this growing company. They’re an approved security vendor for next year’s Super Bowl LV in Tampa, where they’ll provide executive protection and event security on the world’s biggest stage.

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