Robert Kirilia Board of Governors

Robert Kirila currently serves as the Executive Director for Your Grateful Nation, with a focus on providing Special Operators the support needed to find careers in the private sector. Previously Robert was the Chief Operating Officer for DEFENSEWERX and guided the growth of disruptive innovation practices at Air Force bases around the nation.

Serving as a Senior Leader in the last seven years of his 26 year career in the United States Army, Rob developed a unique portfolio of experience including stints leading Special Operators in Iraq and Afghanistan and advising the Commanding General in the fight against ISIS.

Robert holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond and masters degrees from Central Michigan University and the United States War College. Among his awards are the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Service Medals, the Bronze Star, and the Green Beret authorized by President John F. Kennedy. Robert lives with his wife Chrissie and two children in Valparaiso, FL.

Speaker Richard Corcoran appointed Robert to the Veterans Florida Board of Directors in 2018.