VALOR System: Expedited Health Care Licensure for Florida Veterans

Florida’s expedited health care licensure program is designed to make it easier for veterans to work in a health care field, and to reduce the challenges their families face when relocating to the state.

The VALOR System—Florida Veterans Application for Licensure Online Response System—is offered by the Florida Department of Health. Health care jobs are abundant in the state and the objective of the VALOR System is to remove obstacles that veterans may face in practicing their health care professions by providing an expedited licensing pathway to those who have been honorably discharged and have an active license in another state. The VALOR System typically processes applications in less than a week while still upholding its usual high standards for licensure.

Fee Waiver for Florida Military Veterans

Through the VALOR system, Florida not only affords more rapid processing of health care licenses but also waives the majority of licensing-related fees for all health care professions, provided that the veteran applies for licensure within 60 months of being honorably discharged. Waived fees include the initial application fee, the initial license fee and an unlicensed activity fee (used to combat unlicensed activity). However, the waiver does not include examination fees.

Fee Waiver for Military Spouses

The fee waiver is also available to spouses of honorably discharged military veterans. The application for the waiver must be submitted with 60 months after the veteran’s honorable discharge from any branch of the United Armed forces. Read more about the fee waiver for military spouses and access the application materials.

Reimbursement for Veterans’ Professional Examination Costs

Eligible applicants can be reimbursed for the cost of licensing and certification examinations, up to $2,000 per test. These examinations must be deemed generally essential to the pursuit of the health care trade or profession. Find more information about possible reimbursement of exam fees.

The thriving health care employment landscape in Florida in combination with the state’s VALOR System makes it easy for veterans to utilize their unique leadership and technical skills.

Applying for an Expedited License and Fee Waiver

You can register and submit an application for an expedited license and fee waiver online here. The Military Veteran Fee Waiver Request Form must be submitted with the application for licensure.

You can also mail your application. Access the Military Veteran Fee Waiver Request Form, fill it out and send it with your completed application, documentation and application for licensure to:

Department of Health
Division of Medical Quality Assurance
P.O. Box 6330
Tallahasee, Florida 32314-6330

Health Care Job Opportunities for Veterans in Florida

Veterans can use the Employ Florida Vets online portal to research employment and employer recruitment information relating to health care or any other field.