In her second term as a member of the Florida House, Rep. Michelle Salzman’s journey toward representing constituents in Escambia County has its roots in the Army.

“My military background shaped my character and provided me with the essential skills and perspective necessary to best serve the people of Florida,” said Salzman.

In her second two-year term, Salzman has established herself as a leader in healthcare policy, chairing the Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee.

She says her five years as a Logistician and Armorer in the Army required interpersonal skills that fit well in the oft-chaotic give and take of the legislative process.

“The values of teamwork, dedication, and adaptability … have helped me in navigating the complexities of the legislative processes and advocating for the needs of my constituents,” she said. “And the Army’s emphasis on strategic planning and attention to detail has been crucial in helping to craft well-informed policies and legislation.”

In addition to chairing the committee, Salzman has two legislative priorities this year related to veterans.

She hopes to secure state funds to help establish a resource center in the Panhandle where public and private partners can come together to share services to support veterans and their families.

“We want to create a centralized location where individuals can easily access a variety of services that fit their unique needs,” she said.

She is also sponsoring an innovative effort to collect and maintain the history of the military in Florida by collecting individual stories and experiences.

The “Florida Veterans’ History Program,” co-sponsored with fellow Army veteran Sen. Danny Burgess, will “collect and preserve the rich stories and experiences of Florida’s veterans, as well as document the state’s significant military contributions throughout the nation’s history.”

The proposal would place the program with the state’s Division of Arts and Culture and use their professional folklorists to document personal accounts of individual veterans with in-person interviews or written submissions.

Efforts like this are what makes Florida stand out as the nation’s most veteran-friendly state.

“A key factor in that trend is the proactive support provided by organizations such as Veterans Florida, which facilitates a seamless transition into civilian life,” she said.

“Florida prioritizes comprehensive healthcare services to ensure veterans have access to top-notch medical care. And through educational opportunities, employment assistance, or community engagement initiatives, Florida really stands out as a state dedicated to empowering its veteran population,” Salzman said.

“This commitment, combined with the state’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities, makes Florida an increasingly attractive destination for veterans.”