Veterans Florida’s Mission Enhanced With Gov. Ron DeSantis Signing House Bill 1329

As Veterans Florida nears its tenth anniversary of helping veterans transition to civilian careers, Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed House Bill 1329 into law, providing a refined and enhanced scope of work for the next ten years and beyond.

“We are proud to contribute to the strongest economy in the nation by aligning veterans’ skills with employer needs throughout the Sunshine State,” said Joe Marino, Executive Director of Veterans Florida. “From entrepreneurship support to hands-on training in high-demand fields, veterans provide an incredible impact on the economy of our state and in the communities where they live. ”

“Florida’s unique focus on supporting veterans starting their civilian careers truly elevates our state above all others,” said Robert Kirila, chair of the Veterans Florida Board of Directors.“This legislation will continue to keep Florida as the best place for veterans to work and live by supporting our focus on proven strategies that attract and retain these highly-trained men and women.” 

Passed unanimously in the Legislature, House Bill 1329:

  • Designates Veterans Florida as the initial point of military transition assistance for veterans and their spouses connecting them with state benefits and resources, career placement, and entrepreneur training.
  • Specifies the target market for Veterans Florida as servicemembers and their spouses with 24 months or less prior to their discharge and for up to 36 months after discharge.
  • Prioritizes highly skilled employment opportunities as defined by the state’s targeted industries list.
  • Focuses scope of the Veterans Employment and Training Services Program to provide support for veterans seeking certifications or licenses in high-demand fields.
  • Increases the membership of the Veterans Florida board from nine to 11 by including one ex-officio, non-voting member each from the Florida House and Senate.

House Bill 1329 also creates the Major John Leroy Haynes Florida Veterans History Program to collect and preserve stories and experiences from veterans, removes fees for veterans obtaining hunting and fishing licenses and requires instruction in middle school and high school on the history and importance of Veterans Day and Memorial Day

“Florida will remain the nation’s top destination for veterans thanks to the support and vision of our elected leaders,” said Marino. “Thank you Gov. DeSantis, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez, Florida Commerce Secretary Alex Kelly, Sens. Danny Burgess and Jay Collins, and Reps. Danny Alvarez and Mike Redondo, for your support of this important legislation.”